Event Rental FAQs

How many people does the venue hold?
The entire grounds can hold 500 or more.

When are the grounds open?
The grounds are open daily from 8:00am – 4:00pm and are free for the public. Anyone can access the grounds and take photography during these times. To take pictures inside the house, there will be a rental fee.

When is the deposit due?
To book your event, we require a deposit of $200 with the signed contract. The deposit is due when you return the contract.

Can anyone stay on-site?
No the house does not operate as a bed and breakfast. We have several options in Bolivar and the surrounding areas. Here are a few of those:

Also, we are located 30 minutes south of Jackson and 45 minutes east of Memphis. There are several options in both of those cities.

Do you require certain vendors for your venue?
No. You may use any vendor that you choose for your event.

Do you require event insurance?
We recommend to all of our renters that they obtain special insurance for your event. A great online resource is WedSafe.com.